All graphics and layouts are done by James Badger.
James has been working in digital graphics and digital photography for many years now. His work speaks for itself. Have a look at some of his CD layouts on the 'Samples' page.

We can provide everything from a basic layout to a very indepth layout including photography with a state of the art digital camera.
We can also do location shots. Please contact us for a quote.

There are 2 ways to go about the pricing of your graphics.

1. $40.00* per hour
This includes any work needed for the completion of your project, such as scanning, photography and layout.

2. $400.00* for a complete job. No hidden costs.
This includes: All insert and traycard work, CD label design, all picture scanning, any photography (if needed)

Please contact us as some restrictions apply.

* All prices in Canadian Dollars.

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