Troy has worked in the music business for over 20 years. "I have worked as a musician for many years. I played guitar in many bands that you have never heard of."

Troy has also worked as a sound man from time to time different local bands on the east coast before moving to Vancouver in 1992.

"Since 1992 I have been working in the printing trade and I have been building up my sound equipment and putting my studio together."
Troy has been working digital audio for many years and has offered short run CD duplication on a small scale for the past few years.

"I started out very small doing digital editing, cleaning up audio and duplicating small 5 and 10 CD runs for friends and family."

Alternate Root can now offer short run CDs in any quantity you need with custom on the spot thermal CD printing. Graphics, inser printing, shrinkwrapping and great all round service!

"No matter what your problem is...we are your solution!"


James has worked in the music business for more than 25 years.

"I have always been at a crossroads with balancing my music and my art, yet each helps the other to stay focused on reaching new heights of creativity."
James plays with a few bands around Vancouver keeping his musical side vibrant.

Art has been a mainstay of James' life since he was old enough to draw and with the addition of new technology such as computers and digital photography is able to reach new heights that traditional media is unable to achieve.

"I mostly work with a drawing pad rather than a mouse in order to keep it more on the human side of graphics. I'd rather do a bunch of pen strokes than apply a digital effect to a piece."

In addition to CD graphics, James can provide posters, photography, band promo kits etc.

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